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Head lice to dead lice treatment program
The multi-step treatment program that addresses even the most persistent head lice infestations. 

The Program Includes:

The Head to Dead Lice Video: Presents a visual demonstration of the Five-Step Battle Plan, shows how olive oil works to kill head lice, and outlines the rules of prevention for the kids.

Head Lice to Dead Lice DVD with bonus features!

  • The award winning 15
    minute humorous video,"Head Lice to Dead Lice"
  • 7 min. Nit Check Demo video
  • Spanish subtitles
    & closed captioned
  • Slide show with FAQ's,
    Facts, and Rules for Kids

The Head Lice to Dead Lice Book: Everything you need to know about head lice and more.

Head Lice to Dead Lice: Safe Solutions For Frantic Families

Anyone can get head lice. In fact, these parasites infest over 12 million Americans a year. And while they are annoying and upsetting...

Head lice are NOT life threatening!

The most commonly prescribed treatments for head lice are pediculicidal shampoos and creme rinses. These products contain insecticides and must be used with caution. See your pharmacist or doctor for more information.

However, if you have used a pediculicidal product exactly as directed and still find living lice, you are not alone...

Pediculicide - resistant lice are on the rise!

Media reports from across the country warn that head lice appear to have developed resistance to pediculicidal products. This is not surprising, as most insects become resistant to insecticides over time. 

According to Harold George Scott, Ph.D., Board Certified Entomologist, "Resistance is a reflection of populations undergoing selection to produce survival of the fittest.  Resistance does not occur all at once.  It develops over time in louse populations, so, in any particular location, both resistant and nonresistant populations may exist.  This can cause much confusion, because pediculicides that work one day fail to work the next."Therefore, relying on pediculicides alone may fail to eliminate head lice. 

Note:  Other reasons for failure to eliminate a head lice infestation include:  failure to follow product or treatment program directions, failure to correctly diagnose head lice, failure to nit pick and nit comb, and non-compliance by parents with recommended treatment protocols.

Don't panic!

The Head Lice to Dead Lice Treatment Program's 5-Step Battle Plan will help eliminate even the most persistent head lice infestations. The program uses olive oil to smother head lice. Olive oil is non-toxic and easy to apply.

Experiments by entomologists at the Harvard School of Public Health have confirmed that olive oil smothers and kills active head lice.

Consumers also report that the olive oil makes nit removal easier and remoisturizes the scalp after using a pediculicide. And, unlike pediculicides, olive oil can be used repeatedly or as a precaution after exposure to head lice, without compromising your child's health.

Note: Olive oil kills head lice by covering the holes through which the lice breathe. If the pediculicide fails to kill an insect, it means that insect is resistant and will never be killed by that chemical, no matter how many times you use it. This is not true of olive oil. Each time you use olive oil, it has a good chance of killing each insect.

When applied according to the method and schedule demonstrated in the Head Lice to Dead Lice Treatment Program, olive oil offers a safe alternative to eliminate head lice. If used as a supplement to pediculicides, olive oil will increase the useful lifetime of available or new pediculicides by eliminating those lice able to withstand the insecticide.

The Head Lice to Dead Lice Treatment Program helps schools and families eliminate head lice with a minimum of trauma and without over-exposure to toxins.  

Head lice are tenacious little insects and they've been around for thousands of years.  While it can be fairly easy to eliminate many head lice and pick out most of the nits, the difficulty comes in getting rid of every single louse and nit so that an entire infestation is gone.

You need only one pregnant female or an amorous couple to start the entire infestation all over again.

To rid yourself of an infestation, it is helpful to understand the lifecycle of the head louse.

The Life Cycle of the Head Louse

1. Nit (egg)
2. Nymph: stage one 
3. Nymph: stage two 
4. Nymph: stage three 
5. Adult head louse 

These stages are very different from one another and are not all vulnerable to the same methods of destruction.

That's why at the American Head Lice Information & Resource Center, we advocate a multi-step approach for eliminating head lice.  Our Head Lice to Dead Lice Five-Step Battle Plan is designed to attack the louse at each and every stage, so that when you have completed the program, the entire family is completely nit and louse free.

The Five-Step Battle Plan was developed by working with real American children in real homes with real life moms and dads, not in laboratories using professional nurses with considerable experience in nit combing and nit picking.

Our criteria for success:  the entire family must be nit and louse free for ten days following completion of the three-week protocol.

The Five-Step Battle Plan includes:

1. The optional one-time use of a pediculicide
2. A series of olive oil treatments to smother chemically resistant lice, timed specifically to disrupt the life cycle of the louse
3. An abbreviated, manageable housecleaning program
4. Two combing techniques designed to remove both lice and nits
5. A method of manually removing any remaining nits

Because of product failure, is not unusual for families to battle head lice for up to two years. Frequently, this is blamed on reinfestation when, in fact, it is due to lack of information. We feel it is vital that families eliminate not only head lice, but the stress caused by battling an infestation, as quickly as possible.

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